Chromium Picolinate – The Ultimate Trace Mineral

Chromium Picolinate – The Ultimate Trace Mineral

Chromium Picolinate – The Ultimate Trace Mineral


ith the increase in knowledge and understanding of the biochemical functions of micronutrients, there has been a growing interest in the role of them in optimizing health.

Chromium Picolinate is one such micronutrient which is required only in very small amounts, and our bodies cannot produce it, and need to be taken through diet and hence is called essential trace mineral. Chromium Picolinate consists of trivalent chromium bonded to 3 picolinic acid molecules.

Chromium is an incredibly important variable in terms of health despite its diminutive reputation.

Did You Know? The name ‘chromium’ is derived from the fact that chromium comes in vivid colours and ‘chroma’ means colour in Greek. 

Our chromium levels are highest just after birth, but then rapidly decreases with age. Experts believe that this may reflect the nutritional deficiency and may contribute to premature aging, increased risk of heart ailments, mental decline and blood sugar issues in older individuals. Chromium is a mineral which benefits you in these and more.


There are 2 main versions of Chromium:

1. Trivalent Chromium – is the biologically active form of chromium which has the ability to form bonds with up to 3 other atoms. It’s the type that is found in food and dietary supplements.

2. Hexavalent Chromium – is a highly toxic form and is often discussed as a product of environmental pollutant.



Chromium Picolinate – The Ultimate Trace MineralZenith Nutrition Chromium Picolinate contains chromium in the form of Chromium Picolinate, which is derived by combining chromium with picolinic acid (a natural mineral chelator). The nutritional supplement is a better-absorbable form, easy to swallow, free of preservatives, sugar, corn, soy, dairy, yeast, gluten. The dietary supplement provides 800mcg of chromium per serving.



Dietary sources of chromium include whole grains, eggs, organ meat, nuts, fruits, asparagus, seafood, mushrooms, broccoli and more.

Chromium although is found in many foods, it is found in very small amounts. Moreover, chromium in foods has a very low bioavailability. This means only a small percentage of the ingested chromium is absorbed into the body. Chromium levels in food get compromised by modern food processing and cooking methods by about 80%.



Chromium Picolinate – The Ultimate Trace MineralThe micronutrients, unlike the macros, are consumed in very small amounts (micrograms and milligrams per day). Despite their relative paucity in the diet, they perform important roles in regulating whole-body metabolism, restoration of energy, boost cognitive performance and more. Chromium deficiency may cause the following symptoms:


1. Poor glucose tolerance

2. Insulin resistance (sugar saturation – where the body is no longer willing to accept more input energy)

3. Muscle weakness

4. Altered cholesterol metabolism

5. Mood swings

6. Excessive thirst

7. Hunger pangs

8. Blurred vision

Note: Chromium deficiency gets exacerbated by factors like high sugar diet, chronic stress, and low-exercise states.



Chromium Picolinate is the best, stable and highly bioavailable form of supplement for optimal chromium supplementation. Chromium Picolinate is better utilized by the body than Chromium Chloride or other nutritional forms of chromium.


Here is the list of most notable benefits of Chromium Picolinate:



Chromium Picolinate – The Ultimate Trace MineralChromium is integral in optimizing one’s health, specially when it comes to nutrient metabolization and insulin secretion. Chromium is required by the human body for normal carbohydrate and lipid metabolism. No matter what is your fitness goals, a healthy metabolism is must and chromium helps you with it.

Insulin is released into the bloodstream in response to increases in blood sugar levels. It moves glucose out of the bloodstream and into cells. Insulin binds to an external α subunit of the transmembrane protein insulin receptor, a unique chromium binding oligopeptide named chromodulin.

Chromodulin bonded with chromium upregulates AMPK activity in muscle cells. AMPK or Adenosine monophokinase is integral in regulating energy homeostasis.

Chromium enhances the function of insulin by acting as a signal to the cells, where it can be processed for energy or storage.

Daily supplementation with chromium has consistently been found to improve insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance.



Chromium Picolinate – The Ultimate Trace Mineral    Blood circulation and nutrient supply to the brain tend to decrease as a result of aging, which may affect cognition. Chromium Picolinate, by improving insulin sensitivity, has shown significant improvement in glucose metabolism, resulting in improved brain function. Chromium allows glucose, the brain’s main fuel to be processed efficiently. Supplementation with chromium helps to prevent or slow down cognitive decline by improving nutrient absorption, blood flow to the brain, improving learning and memory tasks. Aged people experiencing a decline in their memory are particularly benefited from daily consumption of Chromium Picolinate supplement.



Chromium Picolinate – The Ultimate Trace MineralChromium plays a chief role in normal metabolism of carbs, fats and protein. Energy balance and insulin response are key pathways in weight management. Chromium Picolinate through its abilities to augment insulin action, helps control blood sugar levels and boosts energy levels. Including Chromium supplement in weight loss regimen combined with balanced diet and regular exercise may provide weight loss benefits. Chromium supplement is excellent for individuals who aim for weight loss while still maintaining healthy, strong muscles.

Chromium could potentially benefit weight loss by a number of mechanisms including:

1. Improved glucose and fat metabolism

2. Stimulated fat burning abilities

3. Increased energy levels

4. Regulation of carbohydrate cravings and hunger pangs

5. Reduced fat mass and increased lean body mass



Chromium is generally considered to be safe. Given the fact that chromium may affect blood sugar, it is advisable that people with diabetes or people who are taking medications to control sugar levels must seek medical advice before considering chromium supplements.



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