Explore A Whole New World Of Protein Supplements

Explore A Whole New World Of Protein Supplements

Explore A Whole New World Of Protein Supplements

xplore A Whole New World Of Protein Supplements: In an era when staying fit is becoming a challenge and fitness centers cropping up everywhere, one needs to understand the importance of proteins and the various protein-based substitutes available for fitness enthusiasts.

  • Whey Protein Concentrate
  • Whey Protein Isolate
  • Soy Protein Isolate
  • Pea Protein Isolate
  • Brown rice Protein
  • Casein Protein Powder

  • Whey Protein Concentrate - This is one of the most commonly used supplements by fitness enthusiasts. Whey is the liquid part of milk separate that is high in protein and consists anywhere between 70-80% protein. Whey protein is considered as a complete protein, as it contains all the 9 essential amino acid It is easy to digest, making it the most sought after supplement in the market.

  • Whey Protein Isolate - This is similar to the whey protein concentrate, but contains a much higher percentage of protein and a low percentage of fat and carbohydrate. This is preferred by those who are into high-intensity exercises and muscle building. Since the isolate also contains a very low percentage of lactose, it becomes the first choice for those who are lactose intolerant.

  • Soy Protein Isolate - The name itself suggests that the protein separated from soybeans is known as soy protein. It's a plant-based protein supplement and a good choice for vegans and those who are lactose intolerant. Since this is a zero fat supplement, it is mostly taken by those who are looking to reduce weight.

  • Pea Protein Isolate - This is relatively a new entrant in the health supplement market. Pea protein powder is made by extracting protein from yellow peas. It aids muscle growth and weight loss. Just as whey protein concentrate, pea protein isolate also contains all the 9 essential amino acids that are required by the body. Being a plant-based supplement, it is easily digested by the body. While one can use the pea protein isolate in conjunction with smoothies and shakes, it can also be used as a protein drink.

  • Brown rice Protein - Brown rice protein powder is an excellent source of dietary protein for vegetarians and vegans. It is made from extracting rice proteins from sprouted brown rice. The protein is extracted by treating the rice with enzymes through a special conversion process that causes the separation between carbs and protein, after which the protein is converted to a powder. Brown rice powder is found to be hypo-allergenic and as such anyone can use them. It is also said to be easily digestible, as opposed to the actual brown rice which takes a longer time to digest. Being the latest entrant in the food supplementary market, people will surely consider this as an alternative to milk-based products.

  • Casein Protein Powder - Casein protein is derived from milk and is the solid part of milk when they are separated. While many are aware of whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate, casein is not much looked at by the general public. In the fitness world, however, whey and casein are both considered equally good. Casein protein powder is known as a "time-release" protein because of its slow absorption rate thereby slowing muscle breakdown.

    As you can see, there are many protein supplements available in the market, and with the information given above its not going to be a challenge anymore for you to choose the right one for you.


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