Five Reasons You Should Not Avoid Curcumin

Five Reasons You Should Not Avoid Curcumin

Five Reasons You Should Not Avoid Curcumin

urcumin is a yellow pigment found in turmeric, a plant from the Ginger family. Although Curcumin is rare to find on its own, turmeric contains 22 to 40 mg per gram of turmeric rhizomes. It can be used as a supplement extracted from turmeric. Since it is highly soluble in fat, taking curcumin supplements only with water won't provide better results. Curcumin is absorbed completely if you add it with your fat-rich meal.

Top 5 reasons why this is a wonder supplement: 


  • Curcumin can be a great anti-inflammatory

      Short term acute inflammation is vital to fight some harmful bacteria and other pathogens in the body. However, chronic inflammation will cause severe issues like damaging the cells and tissues. Inflammation can damage DNA too. Since Curcumin is a powerful anti-oxidant, it can reduce oxidative stress, which is the main reason for chronic inflammation. So, the intake of adequate Curcumin can help in reducing inflammatory issues and hence prevent severe diseases like cancer, heart diseases, and the likes that are caused due to chronic inflammation of tissues.


      • Curcumin lowers the risk of heart diseases

      Five Reasons You Should Not Avoid CurcuminThe main contributors to heart failure are the Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) and the endothelial dysfunction, which is the endothelium's inability to regulate blood pressure. Some studies prove that Curcumin is capable of improving endothelial performance and reducing the ROS levels by its anti-oxidant nature. 

      Curcumin also helps in increasing the HDL (good cholesterol) and reducing the bad cholesterol levels. So, the intake of Curcumin as a supplement can lower the risk of getting heart failure in some patients. Although many other factors contribute to heart disease, curcumin intake can help reduce these two specific types of heart failure. However, a doctor's advice is a must before using it.


      • Curcumin fights against depression and anxiety

      Since depression is also linked to the brain, Curcumin that successfully prevents neurological issues like Alzheimer's can also show better results in treating depression. It is proven by some studies that people who take Curcumin in addition to their depression treatment experience a faster relief from depression. 

      Some people believe that chronic inflammation can also cause depression, although it is not proven clinically. If inflammation is the cause of developing depression, then the anti-oxidant anti-inflammatory Curcumin is the best supplement to treat depression and anxiety by reducing inflammation.


      • Curcumin delays aging 

      Aging is just a process of molecular damage accumulated during one's lifetime that creates various illnesses, which, in turn, is called age-related diseases. Most of the molecular and DNA damages are due to Reactive Oxygen Species that can be controlled by anti-oxidants. So, inflammation plays a role in aging also. If Curcumin can help in reducing inflammation, it can also reduce age-related issues.


      • Curcumin prevents cancer

      Curcumin restricts the growth of cancer cells by inducing apoptosis that kills the cancer cells without any damage to healthy cells. It also restricts a variety of tumor cells. It is capable of interacting with various molecules responsible for cancer initiation and progression. Thus it can limit the progression of cancer in some cases. However, it is yet to be proved by clinical research.



      Although not proven clinically in some cases, you should not avoid the intake of Curcumin since it is a natural supplement with many health benefits. If you are using it for the treatment of some medical issue, a doctor's prescription is a must.




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