Grape-seed Extract - The Antioxidant That Keeps Your Heart Young

Grape-seed Extract - The Antioxidant That Keeps Your Heart Young

Grape-seed Extract - The AntioxidantThatKeeps YourHeart Young

rape-seed extract(GSE) is the extract from the seed and skin of the grape, which is usually the by-product of the wine industry. It is only recently that the derivative from this by-product has been part of the studies to unravel its exceptional antioxidant values. This extract contains the antioxidant compound - oligomeric proanthocyanidin(OPC) that helps in treating various ailments. The grape-seed extract is also being used widely as a dietary supplement for various conditions, such as arthritis, venous insufficiency (when veins have problems sending blood from the legs back to the heart), to promote wound healing, and to reduce inflammation.1

Grape-seed Extract - The AntioxidantThatKeeps YourHeart

Research continues to explore the values of this wonder product in keeping the heart-healthy. Here’s what we have found:


  • It can reduce blood pressure - Grape-seed extract is known to reduce high blood pressure. Elevated blood pressure increases the risk of heart-related ailments, such as Diastolic Heart failure. Studies have found that the antioxidant chemicals found in grapes can block some of the harmful effects of high-salt diets(people who consume more salt), which are known to cause fluid retention that causes heart failure.
  •  Reduces oxidative damage - It is a well-known fact that high cholesterol levels can increase the risk of heart-related ailments. Grape-seed extracts taken as supplements have been found to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in the body, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Further, a study conducted to test if the intake of GSE supplements can reduce the oxidative stress has given positive results
  • Protects the liver- We all know that the liver is an important organ, next to the heart, for it cleans the blood, stores energy in the form of sugar and secretes the bile juice. For an organ that is involved with cleaning the blood, GSE acts as a protective gear to the liver. In various studies, GSE is found to reduce inflammation, salvage certain antioxidants, and protect the body against free radical damage. 3
  •  Regulates heart rate- A steady heart rate is vital for a healthy heart. The heart rate is the count on how many times your heart beats every minute. A normal heart rate is anywhere between 60 and 100 beats per minute. It can go up and down, depending on the work performed. For example, when a person is exercising, the heart needs to pump in more oxygen to the body to keep it running, which is fine. In some cases, the heart rate keeps fluctuating, putting unnecessary strain on the heart. GSE supplements are seen to regulate the heart rate, by thinning the blood.
  • Increases blood flow - As the GSE supplements thin the blood, it increases the flow of blood, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease. Swelling or clotting of blood in the body leads to various problems and is reduced with the intake of GSE supplements.
  •  Inhibits C-Reactive Protein - C-reactive protein (CRP), an acute-phase protein that is produced in the body is an indicator of any inflammation that may be within the body. It also helps predict the risk of cardiovascular problems and therefore used by many doctors in identifying potential ailments that are likely to arise in the future. GSE supplements decrease CRP levels, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

As you see, GSE has loads of benefits, some of which that particularly help the heart stay young. As with any other supplement, one needs to consult with their physician with regards to the intake of GSE. The side-effects of GSE ain’t many, for it is well tolerated for at least up to 14 weeks. Take a break after that and reach out to your physician for re-examination.

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