Hair Loss - Reasons and Prevention

Hair Loss - Reasons and Prevention

Hair Loss - Reasons and Prevention

ong, dense, shiny, and strong hair are the terms associated with hair and is proudly flaunted by one and all, be it, men or women. Hair, though is just a protein filament that grows from follicles in the dermis, is a very important feature of every human being. Of late, there is a rise in hair loss in about 80% of the population around the globe. This is however not an age-based factor anymore. Therefore, hair loss is something that people can relate to, irrespective of gender or age.

There was a time when hair loss was seen only in old age, but the same is not true anymore. Kids too are seen suffering from this problem. It is important to understand the various reasons for hair loss. Some are listed below.

  • Heredity - The most common found the reason is heredity. Genetics plays a role in both male and female hair loss. If the hair loss is heredity, then the changes can be seen anytime after one attains puberty. Males tend to lose hair from the temples and crown of the head, while the hair usually becomes thinner all over the head in females. Treatment is available to slow down the process of hair loss due to heredity and not to completely stop it.

  • Nutritional deficiencies - Diet that is low in protein and other nutrients, such as iron, Vitamin A, E, and D, zinc are sometimes seen to cause excessive hair loss. It can be seen that the supplements available in the market to arrest hair loss and promote hair growth contain Vitamin E, iron, and zinc in them. The first level of investigation from the doctors is usually to check for any deficiencies before starting the treatment.

  • Pregnancy - Women experience excessive hair loss after giving birth. This is a temporary hair loss condition that can be well treated with medicines and adopting a better nutritious diet.

  • Birth control pills - Many women use birth control pills and this happens to be just one of the many reasons for hair loss. Birth control pills are hormone tablets that prevent the body from ovulating or thicken the cervical mucus, depending on the tablet prescribed. Since hormones can work in different ways in individuals, they can cause hair loss. Here, the hair loss can be seen while using the contraceptives or once the person stops using them. Either way, the effect is temporary and should stop within a few months after your body gets used to the pill.

  • Thyroid problems - Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism both can cause hair loss, in both men and women. Hair loss due to the thyroid can be noticed several months after the onset. Treatment of the thyroid disorder can help with the regrowth of hair, though it will take several months for any results to be visible

  • Hairstyles and treatments - Some hair care treatments such as coloring, bleaching, hot rollers and curls; and hairstyles such as tight braiding or cornrows can cause hair loss. It is known as traction alopecia. While this hair loss can be treated, sometimes recurrent scarring may make hair loss permanent, and no remedies or treatment can help reverse the effects.

  • Dandruff - Yet another common problem seen in many people is also a reason for hair loss. Dandruff is a common condition that causes flaky skin on your scalp. It causes itchiness of the scalp, which in turn causes injury to the hair follicles, thereby resulting in hair loss. A consultation with a dermatologist will help with this problem. Since hair loss is something that is seen across all age groups, it is increasingly important to identify the underlining causes to formulate a treatment plan.

    Here are a few things that you can do from your side to reduce any chances of hair loss.


    • Simple hair treatments - A gentle massage followed by using a mild shampoo or herbal powder to cleanse your hair and scalp is a good place to start.

    • Always count your nutrients - Yes, intake of a balanced meal every day can help one reduce the chances of hair loss that may occur over time.

    • OTC supplements - There are many supplements available in the market to help you reduce hair loss, such as HairFab, an in-house product of zenith Nutrition, that stimulates hair growth. It is rich in all the nutrients that your body requires for strong, dense, and luscious hair.

    • Avoid hair products that can irritate - Certain hair products contain ingredients that can cause irritation. Preservatives and fragrances are common culprits.

    Supplements available for the treatment of hair loss do not have any side effects, because they are mostly various vitamins and minerals that are required for a healthy body.


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