Have you Triedthe 5-Minute Workouts

Have you Triedthe 5-Minute Workouts

Have you Triedthe 5-Minute Workouts

taying healthy and fit” is a commonly seen/heard fitness mantra. At a time when there are too much stress and the work hours being anytime round the clock, it gets increasingly difficult to watch the food intake and stay fit. But, out of the blue, there is a nudge for one to look for easy workouts to stay fit. Out of all the places that we look for information or suggestions, the internet is one place that has loads of information to give out. Be it a positive one or a negative one. The Internet is filled with various exercises and workout regimes to help people lose weight, gain weight, and also stay healthy. The latest fad in this scene is the “5 Minute Workouts” that many people are vouching for. How many of you have tried them? Do they actually work?

While the 5-minute workout may look and seem very easy and appealing, it may not be for everyone. Here are some key pointers, before you decide to step in. 


  •  The 5-minute workout is suitable for almost everyone - Yes, it is surprising to know that the 5-minute workouts can be done by almost anyone who wants to lose or gain weight. There are workouts for children, women, men, men over 50, and as such, so depending on your age, you just need to find the right one. Also, note that the exercises mentioned therein must not be started in full swing from the start. Take it slowly till you find yourself to be able to do them well. Also, those who are at high risk of heart-related issues must refrain from trying out these exercises. 
  •  They are mostly vigorous exercises - The 5-minute workouts consists mostly of HIIT(High-Intensity Interval Training) exercises that are to be performed quickly and with short breaks. So, if and only if you are mentally prepared to handle the physical stress, do give it a try. Also, as said earlier, if you have had any major surgeries or injuries or at risk of heart-related ailments, please refrain from trying them out. 
  •  Set up a workout routine - Before starting the 5-minute workout regime, you need to make sure that you can handle the vigorous activity - both physically and mentally. While the HIIT exercises are physically demanding, they can also be mentally challenging. So what gets you going will be the routine that you set in the beginning. Also, be sure to check with your doctor if you have had any major surgeries/injuries/concerns, as the HIIT exercises are physically challenging.

    Have you Triedthe 5-Minute Workouts
    • Workout for 4-5 times a week- Each 5-minute workout can be done for a max of 5 times a week, which means you will have to do it on alternate days. The reason being, the body continues to burn calories over a period of 14 hours and to view the positive results, one must give the body some time to rest and recoup. 
    •  Mostly aimed at weight loss and staying fit- Research shows that the HIIT workouts do help in losing weight and staying fit. A person is likely to burn around 12-16 calories a minute, in case of HIIT workouts, and the body continues to burn more calories even after the workout.
    •  Eat healthily - A healthy balanced meal is always a key to a healthy body. Try to skip junk food and include more fruits and vegetables along with beans and lentils in your diet. This will help your body synthesize the nutrients in a better way, thereby helping you achieve your goal easily. 
    •  Never miss a workout - Any workout regimen needs to be followed well to see positive results. Since the workouts in question take only 5 minutes of your time, it is easy to stick to the schedule.

     In all, the 5-minute workouts do work positively, if and only if done correctly and for a certain duration of time. Since most of the workouts are physically demanding, many people tend to give up soon. This is the reason that trainers advice to start off slow and with fewer reps and increase them as and when you feel comfortable. Not only does this reduce the strain physically, but also mentally.

     So, what are you waiting for? Pick up a 5-minute workout and get started.


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