Is There A Need For Taking Dietary/Nutritional Supplements

Is There A Need For Taking Dietary/Nutritional Supplements

Is There A Need For Taking Dietary/Nutritional Supplements


e all want to stay healthy. We do so many things to keep ourselves fit - exercise, eating good food, drinking water, sleeping well. Yet our body does not receive the required nutrition always. It is then that we start to look for alternative methods to supplement those nutrients in our body. The answer is “dietary supplements”.The term dietary supplements refer to - ‘products are taken by mouth that contains a "dietary ingredient.”' Dietary ingredients include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and herbs, as well as other substances that can be used to supplement the diet.

Now that we understand the meaning of the term dietary supplement, we can proceed to understand a little more about these products that are available in the market. Dietary supplements are OTC (Over the counter) items that can be purchased by anyone, with or without a prescription. These are available in tablets, powder, drinks, or even as energy bars.

Study shows that dietary supplements are prescribed by physicians as an added medication for mild to severe illnesses. It is believed that they help in enhancing immunity, and aid in faster recovery. Sometimes, we find that people do take the supplements on their own to compensate for their diets/eating habits or the lifestyle that they are in.

Is There A Need For Taking Dietary/Nutritional Supplements

 It would be interesting to know the reasons why the demand for nutritional supplements is increasing. Here are some


  •  Fill the gap: There always exists a gap between the nutrition actually required by the body vs what is received and processed by the body. In order to bridge the gap between the 2, nutritional supplements are required. Supplementing our bodies with them will help us stay healthy.
    • Poor eating habits: Not everyone gets a properly balanced meal, the reasons for which may vary. This results in the body not receiving the required nutrition, which in turn may cause many problems. Dietary supplements give our body the required dosage of the nutrients, thereby eliminating problems that may arise otherwise.
    • Age factor: As a person ages, the body doesn't have the same capability to absorb nutrients as it used to, resulting in malabsorption. This can be overcome with the intake of dietary/nutritional supplements.

    While most of the dietary supplements adhere to the daily required dosage per person, it would be wise to consult the physician before starting on any of them.


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