How Long Does Each Food Take To Get Digested ?

How Long Does Each Food Take To Get Digested ?

How Long Does Each Food Take To Get Digested ?

Food plays an important role in our life as it gives energy and nutrients to the body to function well. The different tastes - sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami and its amalgamation in the various food that we eat makes us wanting for more. However, it should be noted that every food has its own digestion time in the tummy. It also varies between men and women.

Did you know?


Water is the only substance that can get absorbed in your bloodstream as early as 10mins. It takes about 24-72 hours for food to travel through the entire digestive tract. Yikes, that so scary, looking at how often we tend to eat. Relax, here’s the thing. The food that we eat moves its way through the stomach, small and large intestines in just about 6 hours. The catch is when the food reaches the large intestine. It sit there, gets broken furthermore before it gets thrown out. So this transit in the large intestine is what takes the maximum amount of time.

So, before you choose to eat something, here’s what you need to understand.


You need to know the time taken for each food to digest and also the gap you need to give your tummy to work it way. Else, weight gain is not something you should complain.




Food Grain and other starches


Digestion Time In Stomach

30 minutes for high water content fruits - 45 minutes for high fiber fruits

40 minutes for raw vegetables to 50 minutes for cooked root vegetables

1.5 hours to 2 hours, depending on the grains

1hour for chicken, to 4 hours for beef.


Do give anywhere between 3-4 hours in between every meal. This will give your tummy ample time to absorb the nutrients as soon as they enter it. Also, mind the intake of food that takes longer time to digest. Do take in more water to help the food to digest easily.


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