To work out or not during your periods

To work out or not during your periods

To work out or not during your periods

itness is an ongoing journey and does not need to pause for any reason. Periods are the one word that brings everything to a standstill for most of the womenfolk. Women often find themselves wondering if they should continue exercises during periods and if exercises will help them stay fit or cause harm. Most confusion surrounding this topic exists because of a lack of information. The foremost point to remember here is that exercising is good, even during periods, and causes no harm. However, one should be cautious about the exercises that one does and it should not involve any high-intensity workouts.

Here are some benefits that your body will experience when you exercise, even during your periods.


  • PMS( Pre-Menstrual Syndrome) - This usually occurs 1-2 weeks before the start of the period. It is that time of the month when one has really bad mood swings, physical health, and behavior Almost 90% of women are said to experience PMS at varied levels. While for some, it is easily manageable, it causes a lot of disturbance for the other. A doctor’s visit is sure to help, but exercising regularly and also during your cycle relieves these symptoms to a great extent. One can try some simple aerobic exercises to help you at this time.

  • Acts as a mood enhancer - Mood swings( dull, irritated, and angry) is commonly seen before or during periods. This is due to the levels of estrogen and progesterone(hormones)that increase during certain times of the month. Exercising regularly can help release endorphins, which are natural mood enhancers.

  • Helps reduce cramps and pain - Cramps and pain are usually associated with periods and some women have a tough time combating them. Exercising throughout the month will help prepare the body for the period and also reduce the cramps and pain that follows.

  • Reduces bloating - Many women experience bloating before and at the start of their period. It is pretty uncomfortable and is said to be one of the several effects of PMS. Exercising helps the body to reduce bloating by way of regulating the secretion of the various endorphins.

    Well, you see that working out during periods is not that bad. You just need to be cautious not to overwork yourself. There is a fine line between exercising and overexercising, the effects of which can be totally different. Over-exercising includes HIIT(High-Intensity Interval Training) and intense cardio. It is noticed that during periods, some exercises that are moderately difficult feel much more difficult and such are better avoided.

    Over-working during periods can cause:


    • Delay in periods - For some women, who have the tendency to work-out heavily or do high-intensity workouts, delay in periods can be seen as a side-effect. It is therefore suggested that women should not work out heavily and must stick to simple exercises during periods.

    • Excessive flow - This can be one of the downfalls of over-exercising during periods. One must, therefore, avoid high-intensity workouts as they can stress the body, resulting in an excessive flow.

    • Weakness and nausea - Excessive/high-intensity workouts cause weakness and nausea in many women. It is therefore suggested that women athletes plan out their workouts/exercises based on their periods, thereby achieving success. A women’s body has many physical and chemical changes that occur during menstruation. It is proven through studies and trials that these can be alleviated by exercise.

      So, what kind of exercises you can do during periods? Here are some of them that you can try. Do give your feedback after trying them.


      • Walking - This evergreen exercise will definitely bring in a positive change. This is one of the easiest exercises to do and does not require any special equipment.

      • Light cardio or aerobics - Exercise during periods is meant to relax the body. Light cardio and aerobics are a good way to give your body some much-needed exercise.

      • Yoga and Pilates - You can find many exercises in yoga and Pilates that help relax the pelvic muscles and reduce cramps and pain. Do not include too many stretching exercises during these days.

        Periods do not mean that one needs to restrict themselves towards any physical activity unless they experience pain or discomfort. One should always seek the advice of a fitness instructor before starting any new exercise during this time.


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