Top 5 Benefits of Glutathione You Cannot Ignore

Top 5 Benefits of Glutathione You Cannot Ignore

Top 5 Benefits of Glutathione You Cannot Ignore

lutathione, an antioxidant is abundantly available in all human bodies. It is called the master antioxidant. It is found in almost all living beings, including plants and animals. This antioxidant helps prevent major diseases in humans and provides enough energy to do more work actively. The glutathione levels in the human body can decrease because of aging. A Glutathione molecule consists of three amino acids, namely Cysteine, Glycine, and Glutamic acid. Hence, it is called a tripeptide. The main activity of Glutathione is to combat free radicals that damage healthy cells.

Although Glutathione can help with many health issues, the top 5 benefits are:


  • A Strong antioxidant

      The free radicals are agents that are dangerous to almost all tissues in the human body. The body's inability to fight against them causes various diseases, including cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases. This imbalance of free radicals and the body's response creates oxidative stress. This oxidative stress is reduced by the presence of the master antioxidant Glutathione that is present in every cell. So, the high levels of Glutathione will increase the cell's ability to fight back the free radicals, thus preventing many diseases that arise due to oxidative stress.

      • Prevents heart disease

        Top 5 Benefits of Glutathione You Cannot IgnoreWe all know that the number one disease that kills millions of people worldwide is heart disease. The main reason for heart disease is the damage in the lining of blood vessels, leading to the formation of plaques in the artery walls. This accumulation of plaque is due to the accumulation of Bad Cholesterol (LDL). With the help of glutathione peroxidase, this accumulation of plaque is controlled; thus, heart disease can be prevented to some extent. 

        • Detoxifier

          Glutathione is a great detoxifier that removes many toxic elements from the body. It usually removes the toxic elements in three ways as below.

          •         Excretion from cells– Separates the toxic particles from the affected cells

          •         Excretion from the body– Excretes the toxic particles from the body through human excretion system, commonly through urine

          •         Direct neutralization– Directly neutralizes the oxides and nitrides that are toxic to the cells

            The main example of the removal of toxic particles from the cells is the removal of Mercury from all over the body. So, having the right glutathione level decreases the toxicity of the cells that can lead to various diseases.

            • Glutathione for skin health and anti-aging

              Nobody likes to look old. The main thing that confirms your age is your wrinkled skin. Glutathione levels will help in maintaining good skin health for a long period. Glutathione helps in the reduction of melanin and also increases skin elasticity with reduced wrinkles. The use of glutathione supplements may increase the lightness of skin. So, fair lightened skin with decreased wrinkles can be the result of increased glutathione levels.

              • Improved insulin sensitivity

                Lower glutathione levels may cause insulin resistance that restricts the blood sugar from the blood to the cells that convert them into energy. It may lead to Type 2 diabetes. An increase in the glutathione levels can minimize the insulin resistance that prevents one from diabetes and its other complications, such as neuropathy or retinopathy. The reduction of insulin resistance is termed as insulin sensitivity. 





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