Top 5 Benefits of NAC

Top 5 Benefits of NAC

Top 5 Benefits of NAC

AC is the abbreviation of N-acetyl cysteine that is used as a nutritional supplement. NAC is the supplement form of the amino acid cysteine. An adequate amount of NAC can help gain a variety of health benefits, including heart disease prevention, brain health, and fertility in both men and women. Although some clinical reviews are about to prove the benefits of using NAC, some believe that it is beneficial in the following health issues. It is always recommended to consult a doctor before the use of NAC.

The top 5 benefits of NAC are:


  • NAC is anti-inflammatory

Inflammation is the process of body tissues fighting against the agents that cause harm to them. Although this is good for some cases, chronic inflammation will start damaging the body tissues, leading to Cancer and many other diseases. Intake of NAC as a supplement helps reduce inflammation by reducing the number of inflammatory molecules present in the body.

  • NAC may prevent heart disease

The main contributors to heart disease are bad cholesterol (LDL) and oxidative damage to the heart tissues. Surprisingly, an intake of NAC may help in reducing both; reducing the bad cholesterol levels and reducing the oxidative damage in the heart tissues, since it acts as an anti-inflammatory supplement. This reduction in the inflammation of heart tissue helps in decreasing the risk of Chronic Heart Failure. It is found that rapid regeneration is possible with the heart patients who take NAC after an attack. 

  • NAC helps in Cancer prevention

Top 5 Benefits of NACNAC may help in preventing severe diseases like Cancer. NAC helps to restrict the cancer cells from growing further, thus preventing the spread of Cancer. Cancer treatments can lead to the development of cancer cells in healthy cells due to DNA damage. The presence of NAC can prevent these healthy cells from developing Cancer during the treatment. Liver cancer can be treated with NAC drugs as they enhance glutathione biosynthesis. Since the benefits of NAC in cancer prevention are not proved clinically yet, it is advised to consult a doctor before taking the supplement. 

  • NAC may improve fertility in both men and women

Almost 15% of the couples trying to get conceived face fertility issues when they decide to conceive. This is common in both men and women. Some free radical formations can reduce fertility in men. NAC helps in producing the antioxidants that fight against these free radicals helping to improve fertility. However, surgery alongside the intake of NAC will be a need for men. Women with Polycystic ovary syndrome can find it helpful, taking NAC as a supplement. During pregnancy, the oxidative stress and the release of oxidants sometimes can cause pregnancy loss. NAC helps in combating these oxidants and reducing oxidative stress.

  • NAC boosts Brain health and prevents psychiatric disorders

NAC is responsible for the production and replenishment of Glutamate and Glutathione that are helpful in brain performance. Glutamate helps in better learning, behavior, and memory while the antioxidant glutathione is responsible for the reduction of oxidative damages. Some psychiatric disorders and addiction may be prevented by the intake of NAC. Neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease may also be prevented or treated with the help of NAC intake. It may also help in regaining memory after memory loss. 


Although the intake of NAC is believed and in some cases proved to be beneficial in preventing and treating some issues inside the body, it is always recommended to consult a doctor before using it. However, the addition of NAC as a supplement in the diet may not be harmful.,helps%20the%20body's%20detoxification%20system.





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