Top Five Ways Alpha Lipoic Acid Helps You

Top Five Ways Alpha Lipoic Acid Helps You

Top Five Ways Alpha Lipoic Acid Helps You

lpha-lipoic acid is a natural antioxidant that is present in every cell. It is produced by mitochondria. But, the human body contains only a negligible amount of Alpha Lipoic Acid. It can be added as a supplement to your diet to get its benefits. Alpha Lipoic Acid is called "The Universal Anti-oxidant." Unlike many antioxidants, it is soluble both in water and fat. We can get this ALA from vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes, spinach, etc. Red meat is also a source of ALA. This ALA has many health benefits for the human body. Here are the top 5 ways Alpha-lipoic acid benefits you:

Enhanced skin health 


Since it is an antioxidant by nature, it helps to prevent the skin from the sun rays. Skin cream mixed with ALA helps to remove the wrinkles, dark circles, and roughness from the skin and maintain the skin like that forever. While the roughness of the skin decreases, the thickness is increased. The lipoic acid can also be used for the hyperbaric oxygen therapy of healing the wounds. 

Weight Loss


Lipoic acid can be a perfect addition to the diet of an obese person. Although the acid won't provide results on its own, its addition to a low-calorie diet will give significant results in weight loss. ALA can stimulate the metabolism of glucose and fat, thus restricting the storage of fat in the body and use it to create energy. This restriction of the settlement of fat reduces body weight. However, many research results show that weight loss with the use of ALA is not because of it alone; rather, it is the combination of the supplement with a low-calorie diet. A consultation with a nutritionist or a doctor will help.

ALA helps in preventing diabetes


Top Five Ways Alpha Lipoic Acid Helps YouAlpha Lipoic Acid supplements can reduce blood sugar levels using the body's insulin by provoking its sensitivity. The supplement can be helpful for Type 2 diabetes. It can also control the neurological disorders that arise due to diabetes, such as numbness and paralysis. Since ALA removes the accumulated fat in the body, it promotes the control of blood sugar levels as the insulin will be more effective without any hindrance from fat.

Reduced risk of heart issues


Although there are no conclusive results for the benefits of lipoic acid in heart problems, it can help in the prevention of heart disease. The acid reduces the LDL (bad cholesterol) levels and increases the HDL (Good Cholesterol) levels. Since the bad cholesterol is the main factor of a heart attack, this can be prevented using ALA. Since ALA is also anti-inflammatory, it reduces the risk of heart diseases due to oxidative stress and other inflammatory issues



Although inflammation is vital to fight against minute disease-causing organisms, chronic inflammation can lead to major diseases like cancer and heart disease. It is found that Alpha Lipoic Acid can reduce the levels of agents responsible for inflammation like C-reactive protein, thus, in turn, reducing the risk of inflammation. 



Alpha Lipoic Acid supplements can help in many health-related issues. With the lack of clinical evidence, the reach of these supplements is restricted. Knowing the purpose and effects of ALA, you can use it along with your diet to see some benefits. However, a doctor's consultation is necessary if you want to consume it to treat some medical issues.,aging%2C%20and%20improved%20nerve%20function.



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